Saturday, June 6, 2009

Top Ten Things You Can Do While Waiting For Earnings To Post

All of these are ongoing projects that you can do a little at a time.

1. Go through your list to find clusters of articles that compliment one another. The groups can be as small as three, but not more than 10 (this will be for promotional purposes, so it helps to focus). Any individual article can appear in more than one group.

2. Find articles in these clusters that don't have links to others in the group - and add some links.

3. Fix typos.

4. Create a blog that you can use as an index of your articles. Write a post for the blog that focuses on a particular cluster.

5. Write a free ezine article that will promote the cluster. Put a link in the bionote at the end that goes to any of the articles, or to the blog.

6. Browse for keywords.

7. Improve the keywords in old articles.

8. Read somebody else's article. (Rate accordingly, comment if you can say something interesting and relevant, report spam.)

9. Go through your stats and figure out which articles seem to earn the best per view, and then think about how you could promote it to get more views.

10. Or, heaven forbid, write a blinkin' article.

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