Thursday, October 8, 2009

Surviving the Sweeps!

If you haven't noticed, eHow is doing another round of article deletions. I'll be posting a series of articles over this weekend to help people deal with the article deletions, and perhaps avoid them in future.

This post will act as an index post.

  1. Introduction - Dealing with Article Deletions at eHow
  2. Recovering Your Deleted Articles
  3. What does eHow Want?
  4. Reasons for Deletion - Not in How To Format
  5. Reasons for Deletion - Common Sense?
  6. Reasons for Deletion - Is it Really Spam?
  7. Reasons for Deletion - Poorly Written Article
  8. How to Improve Your Writing Skills
  9. Reasons for Deletion - Blog Opinion
  10. Reasons for Deletion - Missing Steps
  11. Playing Not to Lose vs. Playing to Win

More to come this evening.

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