Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Article Submission Guidelines Published

Rich published the new Article Submission Guidelines today in the forums. He said these will be available for download and in other places soon.

This is a great first step. I haven't had the chance to thoroughly read and ponder them. A few quick thoughts, though:

There is still some wiggle room for interpretation in some areas that people may want to argue about whether it applies to their article, but the purpose of the rules is now well set out. And the guidelines themselves state clearly "Writing is subjective by nature, so rules are not easily categorized into black and white terms."

The other thing I noted is how much time these guidelines spend talking about titles and the promise they make to the reader. Titles are very important to eHow. I think members focus an awful lot on SEO and the unique title rule, and forget that in the end, these are secondary considerations. The first is communication to the reader.

Again, here is the link to the new Article Submission Guidelines.

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