Thursday, October 8, 2009

Recovering Your Deleted Articles

I hope that everybody who writes for any purpose whatsoever knows that you, the writer, are responsible for keeping your own back ups. No publication or site will guarantee the safety of your articles. Even so, many writers don't think to keep back ups of their articles, or just forget.

If you had an article deleted, and you didn't have a back up, you may be able to recover it if you act fast. Google keeps a cache with back ups of everything it indexes. (They keep it for a limited time, however, so SEARCH NOW.)

You need the exact title of the article, if possible. You may be able to find it in the email you should have got from eHow. Sometimes emails get lost or come late, so you can find the name in your "my earnings" monthly lists. Although the article may disappear from your regular articles list, the earnings are still active, and so the article appears in your earnings page. If you don't have the exact title, you can type it in as close as possible.

In the Google search box, put your title in quotes. If the title is a common phrase, you can add your screen name outiside of the quotes. Like this:

"How to Find an Article on Google" toogie2

If you type it in, rather than copy and paste it from another source, you may want to type in all lower case, because if you use any capitals inside a quote, Google will want EXACT capitalization. But if you use all lower case Google will be more flexible.

If your article comes up in search, you can click on the "cached" link just below it, and that will bring up whatever version of your article is still in Google's database. If you've made many changes, it may bring up an older version. (This will happen especially if you've changed the title - try the newer version of the title, in that case.)

Save the page, or copy it to Word.

Now that you have your article, you can publish it elsewhere, or you can show it to others to get help figuring out what is wrong with it.

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  1. Excellent info; thanks for sharing this. I have actually saved about 95 percent of my articles... the other 5 percent weren't saved due to forgetfullness. If I ever have a problem like this I'll try to keep this in mind. In lieu of a problem though I should probably go backup the straggling 2-3 articles that I originally forgot to backup right now. :)