Sunday, November 1, 2009

Earnings reporting and "Carryover"

(NOTE: eHow appears to have changed the earnings reports back to what they used to be. Ignore this post for now. Read this earnings post instead.)

I see a lot of people are hitting this blog doing searches on variations of the words "eHow earnings" and "carryover."

eHow changed the way they report the earnings on our "My Earnings" page. But, as usual, they don't tell us what is normal - so we're all kind of waiting. Here's what your my earnings page should look like until they start paying (which they usually do sometime between the 6th and the 10th):

Earnings Period - Total Earnings - Payment Status - Payment Issued
Nov 2009 - (Nov Earnings) - Period Active - $0.00 USD
Oct 2009 - (Oct Earnings) - Completed from Rec'd - (Sept Earnings)
Sep 2009 - (Sept Earnings) - Carryover - $0.00 USD
Aug 2009 - (Aug Earnings) - Completed from Rec'd - (Aug Earnings)

It will be a little different if you have an actual carryover. Also, if you didn't earn anything today, you may not have a line for November yet.

If you'll note, the "Complete from Received" on the October line refers to SEPTEMBER earnings. When you get your October earnings, it will appear in your November line.

This will be the first month where we are fully on the new system, so I'm not sure what it will say when the payments start - but when it changes from the above, you should be paid within about 48 hours.

There are a few people who did not get paid in September. I know they are reporting it in the Feedback Forum. I recommend that those of you who have had problems or questions start by reading those discussions.

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  1. Good to know. I was looking at my earnings on eHow and was lost. Will wait patiently a few more days.